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One of a kind handcrafted and custom Jewelry  

 Home or Office Private Jewelry Showing Party 

Host a party and earn free jewelry!


How it works:

  • Pick a date & time for you and your friends.
  • Choose a location (living room, office, private conference room)
  • Themes also available. (we can discuss some options at the time of booking)
  • Invite your friends for an enjoyable 2 hour showing that includes games, prizes, education on gemstone jewelry and the chance to shop in a pressure free atmosphere for themselves and gifts that are needed.
  • Serve refreshments and have fun.


Hostess will receive:

  • Any item up to a $300.00 value at half price. Just for hosting the show with 6 adults in attendance.
  • 10% of the sales of your show (both direct and custom orders) to purchase another item or items. (cannot apply to the half priced item) that means if $500.00 in sales gives the hostess $50.00 towards any LETREK Jewelry.
  • 25% off of another item if anyone decides to book their own showing as a direct result of yours. Booking must be held within four months and 25% will apply during or after the future booking.


To make the party even more enjoyable themes can be customized to elevate the shopping and learning experience.  Examples can include but not limited to:

  • Pool Party ?Pearls and Pool.  I can include some jewelry pieces that can be worn with bathing suits. Door prize could be a toe ring.  Tips on cleaning jewelry after swimming. Pearl diving trivia.
  • Golfing Theme ? Golf and Glam. I can include some magnetic jewelry to sooth sore elbows.
  • Healing Theme- Discussion and games on gemstone healing and metaphysical properties.
  • Wine Theme -Wire and Wine. We can taste wine from various regions around the world and connect them to gemstones and jewelry.  Did you know that during the 1850?s Napa County became the center for silver mining?


The possibilities are endless. I can connect everything to jewelry!   I can customize a private showing  that incorporates the interest of you and your friends.

 If you would like to book a home or office private showing, please Contact me.