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Children's Jewelry Making Party 

Are you hosting a slumber or birthday party and looking for some fun activities? 

Want to do something new and special?


Have a children’s jewelry making party!


Each child will learn to make their own piece of wire wrapped jewelry (with a little help of course). They will pick their beads, pick their wire. I will show them a couple of design options or they can come up with one of their own.  They will use and learn about hand tools (round nose, flat nose and chain nose pliers) Learn about different gemstones.   In the end each child will walk away with their own creation that they can be proud of because they made it with their own hands.


Prior to the party parent(s) and I will discuss:

  • Age group. I find that children 8 years and older benefit the most from the lesson. Perfect for pre-teens.
  • Theme of the party and items we may be able to tie into.
  • Time Frame
  • Any allergies to certain metals.
  • Budget.  This depends on the material used, piece we will be making, time frame and number of children participating. Average cost is $25.00 per child.   
  • Finished jewelry piece we will make.  I like to get the child involved in the decision process and what piece she/he would like to make i.e. a ring, bracelet, earrings.



Individual or small group lessons are also available.


If you would like to book a children’s jewelry lesson, please Contact me